Commercial Window Tinting

by Hüper Optik

For window tinting in Oklahoma City, look to Adams for professional window tinting with Hüper Optik’s commercial window tinting film.

When it comes to making the best of your commercial space, look to Hüper Optik nano-technology window films to deliver the utmost in commercial and aesthetic appeal.

Hüper Ceramic Films

Ceramic series films provide the most effective combination of energy saving performance and clear views. Only Hüper Optik delivers the value of true, MultiLayered Ceramic (MLC).

German Protection:

Hüper Optik Ceramic films utilize German technology to create the world’s first nano-ceramic solar control films for the window film industry.

Ceramic Performance:

  • Hüper Optik Ceramic films are 100% metal-free
  • 100% dye-free and will not demetalize or fade
  • Hüper Optik’s ceramic films offer superb heat rejection properties without compromising visibility, have low reflectivity, and will not appear shiny
  • Protects against glare and fading caused by UV rays

Hüper Traditional Films

Traditional series films – Fusion, Traditional Bronze, and Silver films – provide energy-saving performance for commercial and residential consumers looking for reflective film properties.

All Traditional Series Films Deliver the Following Benefits:

  • High energy saving performance
  • Protection against glare and fading caused by UV rays
  • Daytime privacy

Safety & Security films

Clear Shield and Multi-Layered Ceramic Security Window Films

Hüper Optik Shield Window Films provide protection, well being, and comfort from the uncertain. They protect against natural catastrophes, hurricanes, explosions, vandalism, burglary, glass breakage and turbulent weather. Security films provide protection and are designed to absorb the energy from wind, flying debris, intruders and shock wave. They will provide protection against flying shards of glass from the broken window and protect the occupants inside the building.

Smash and Grab Protection

With Hüper Optik Shield Film, burglars are deterred because as the glass breaks, a “spider web” of broken glass forms that will not permit the perpetrator to enter through the window, slowing down and even stopping their burglary efforts.

Storm Protection

Hüper Optik Shield films provide protection and helps prevent shattering or flying glass pieces by holding the glass together.

Blast Protection

Hüper Optik Shield Film provides a protective shell to glass that may be the only thing between you and harm’s way.

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